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Video Conferencing,
Made Simple

Get cutting-edge technology to collaborate from anywhere. Provide your mobile workstations, cubicles, huddles rooms, and larger conference rooms with easy-to-use solutions that keep your team and clients connected.

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Smart Camera Tecnology

Streamline meetings with framing and tracking mode options to create the most people-focused experience.


HD Sound

With noise-blocking AI, shuffling papers, typing, and other nonverbal distractions are automatically kept out of video calls without the need for constant muting.

Crystal Clear
HD Video

Bring meetings to life whether in large conference rooms or from a remote laptop with crystal clear video that is easy to use and manage.

All-In-One Cloud Management

Simple and seamless setup for rapid room setup. Innovative software for all-in-one cloud management of your collaborative devices.

Next-Generation   Displays 

The latest in touch screen technology allows for more engaging presentations and training sessions. 

​Automated Experiences 

New technologies create instant access to conferences allowing your team to stay focused. 

Virtual Meeting

Elevated Meeting Room Solutions

  • Get rooms operational fast

  • More vibrant connection with remote attendees for better communication

  • Increase flexibility with the option to use on all major video platforms

Work from home

Remote & Hybrid Work Solutions

  • Exceptional broadcast-ready camera optics and imaging

  • Premium clarity with thoughtfully- engineered audio experiences

  • Plug-and-play design to get remote setups operational quickly

  • Powerful cloud management software

Workers at Warehouse Computer


  • Premium video quality in the places you need it most

  • Simple to operate

  • Easy to move, adjust, or relocate 

  • Increase flexibility with the option to use on all major video platforms

  • Powerful cloud management software

Leadership Presentation




  • Customizations to create the best possible video conferencing experience for your company

  • Accessories and peripherals designed for quality, flexibility, and simplicity

  • Intuitive interfaces with easy setup and integrations

How It Works

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​Why Choose
Carbon Networks?

  1. With bring over 25 years of dedicated experience in the industry.

  2. We make IT simple so your team can focus on your company's growth.

  3. You deserve the reliable, world-class user experiences that we're committed to providing.

  4. Because we take the time to really listen and understand your needs, we match you with collaboration solutions that work for you. 

  5. We enlist our top business communication problem-solvers to find the best room experiences possible at the right price.

  • Find out how the right technology can transform your business.

    30 min

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