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Give your team collaboration and customer engagement an upgrade by streamlining the integration of your workflows. Use AI assistance to improve business processes and customer satisfaction dramatically and cost-effectively.

Hotline Consultant

Customizable Call Routing

Manage heavy call volumes and streamline customer service operations with the AI Call Routing feature. Our unified communications platform offers an intelligent way of routing inbound calls, decreasing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction. With a virtual phone number and user-friendly interface, our system is easy to set up and use. 

Versatile Auto Attendant

The Auto Attendant feature is the perfect solution for businesses that receive a high volume of phone calls. Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction with our AI-powered collaboration platform and rest assured that each caller is directed to the right person or department, ensuring no calls are missed or mishandled. .

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Accurate Call Transcriptions

Our AI-powered collaboration platform empowers you with state-of-the-art voice transcription software built right in. With the ability to analyze over 4 billion minutes of voice and messaging data, you can trust that our technology is always ahead of the curve. Get transcriptions for conference calls, video meetings, and even voicemails in real-time.

Contact Center Analytics

Unlock the full potential of your calls with our Call Analytics tool. Our platform provides detailed insights on agent performance, customer satisfaction and more, all from a user-friendly dashboard. With real-time metrics and call analytics, you can reduce cost of operations and drive customer engagement.

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Automatic Call Recording

Whether you're training new team members or analyzing customer interactions, Call Recording makes it easy to record calls automatically or with a click. Plus, with our real-time transcriptions and sentiment analysis, you'll always have the information you need for quick decision-making. 

Outbound Dialer

Our power dialer automatically dials each customer, freeing up time for your agents to focus on building customer relationships. The Outbound Dialer is one of the most powerful cold-calling automation tools available to optimize your outbound contact center or call center team’s productivity and increase your sales.

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Call Tracking

Make your outbound contact center or call center team more efficient with Dialpad's Call Tracking. With a virtual phone number included, it's easier than ever to stay on top of your sales game and organize every conversation with call logs, caller ID, and transcriptions.

Interactive Voice Response

Provide your customers with constant support with our Interactive Voice Response system. Our IVR system automatically routes calls to the appropriate department or agent, even outside of business hours. This system is perfect for busy businesses or those with a high volume of calls, so you can ensure that every call will be handled seamlessly.

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Inbound Contact Center

Improve your customer service capabilities with our Inbound Contact Center solution. Our software is designed to help your team handle high volumes of incoming calls with ease. With features like automatic call routing, customizable IVR menus, and real-time monitoring, you can provide a better overall experience for your customers.

Call Parking

Efficiently manage your team's call volume with Dialpad's Call Parking feature. Our advanced technology allows you to 'park' incoming calls in a virtual parking lot, allowing any available team member to take over the conversation seamlessly. This improves customer interactions and teamwork while preventing missed calls.

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Call Queue

Maximize your team’s effectiveness with Call Queue. Don’t let the daily grind of receiving a high volume of inbound calls interrupt your productivity. Our expert-developed call queue technology helps improve your company's organization and productivity while ensuring your customers will always be able to get the help they need.

Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics is a powerful tool built into our customer engagement platform that helps businesses uncover valuable insights buried within customer interactions. Our AI-powered platform includes real-time voice analytics that analyzes key phrases and customer sentiment while assisting agents.

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Working with Carbon Networks is like having extra teammates on our IT staff. They are incredibly responsive, and always have our best interests in mind.

Ron Prouse

Director of IT,  General Steel

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